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SelloRama POS Sales Terms & Condition

SelloRama POS Sales Terms & Condition:

Customer/Client: Person or an organization, who is interested in purchasing the Point Of Sale register system from SelloRama POS in accordance to SelloRama POS sales policies.

General Policies:
  • All order changes/cancellation; refunds must be in written and mail to the address on the front of this document or e-mail to info@selloramapos.com.
  • Order changes can only be made within 48 hour of sighing this document.
  • Cancellation can only be done within 30 days of sighing this document.
  • Cancellation before installation will be charged 25% of total amount as restocking fee.
  • Cancellation after installation will be charged 25% of total amount as restocking and 25% of total amount as installation charge.
  • Clerical & mathematical errors/omissions are subjected to correction.

The customer agrees to pay 50% of the total Amount at the time of Order & rest at the time of Installation. Installation usually takes 7 – 10 Days to complete. The customer agrees that all the past due amount will bear interest of 1 ½ present per month. The undersigned further agrees that any checks returned unpaid, for insufficient funds, stopped payments, or any other reason, shall bear a service charge of $30. The customer also agrees that all reasonable collection cost and attorney fees should such action become necessary to collect any amount due. Faxed or e-mailed documents will be deemed as original and be legally binding. In the case of a dispute all matters will be settled in the court of New Jersey.


Till the customer/client haven't paid the whole amount due to SelloRama POS, the Equipment is and shall at all times be and remain the exclusive personal property of the SelloRama POS, even if installed in or attached to real property by the client, The client shall have no right, title, or interest in or to the Equipment except as expressly set forth in this sale policies document.

Care, Use, and Maintenance of Equipment:
  • The Client shall keep the Equipment in good condition and make all necessary repairs and replacements at its own cost and expense.
  • The Client agrees that the Equipment will be operated by competent employees and used solely in the conduct of its business.
  • The Client and its employees shall use the Equipment carefully and properly, and in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.
  • Client agrees to keep and use the Equipment only [at the Client’s principal place of business] [in the ordinary course of its business]. [The Client agrees not to remove the Equipment from this location without the SelloRama POS prior written consent.]
  • Client shall not make any alterations or additions to the Equipment without the Lessor’s prior written consent.
  • The Client shall notify the SelloRama POS promptly of any loss, theft, or destruction of all or any part of the Equipment, or of any damage beyond repair to the Equipment, and shall make the Equipment or any wreckage available for disposal.
  • The Client shall not assign, sublease, or transfer the Equipment without the Lessor’s prior written consent.

The occurrence of any of the following events (each an “Event of Default”) shall constitute a default of SelloRama POS sales policies:

  • The failure to make a required payment under this sales policies as and when due, including but not limited to Rent, interest charges, sums due as an indemnity, excess item expenses, or other charges;
  • The breach or violation by the Client of any term, covenant, promise, agreement, representation, or warranty of this sales policies;
  • The insolvency or bankruptcy of the Client;
  • Any default, breach, or violation of or under any debenture, bond, or evidence of indebtedness of the Client; or
  • Subjection of any of the Clients' property to any levy, seizure, assignment, application or sale for or by any creditor or government agency.
Rights of SELLORAMA POS on defaults:

On the occurrence of any Event of Default under Default, the SelloRama POS shall have the right, without notice or demand, to take possession of the Equipment, in addition to any other rights afforded to SelloRama POS by law. The Client shall not be released from paying damages sustained by the SelloRama POS on such violation of this sales policies. If on any violation of this sales policies the Client fails or refuses to deliver the Equipment to the SelloRama POS, the SelloRama POS shall have the right to enter the Clients' premises and retake possession of the Equipment without legal process. The Client releases any claim or right of action for trespass or damages caused by the SelloRama POS’s entry and repossession. The Client expressly waives all further rights to possession of the Equipment and all claims for injury suffered through or loss caused by the repossession. The Client shall pay all expenses, including attorneys’ fees, the SelloRama POS incurs to enforce this sales policies. All of the SelloRama POS’s remedies are cumulative and may be exercised concurrently or separately. The Client shall forfeit all and any amount paid to SelloRama POS in the Event of Default.

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